2016 Presidential Choices Interview with Professor Jones

Nimba.net corespondent Frank Wigglesby, sat down with Professor Jones to discuss the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election.

Frank Wigglesby:  So Professor Jones, you’ve been following US politics for a while now?

Professor Jones: Yes, since 1937, I started following politics when I was 17 years old, I’m now 96, and my mind is sharp as a tac.

Frank Wigglesby:  That’s great! We are glad to have you here, so how do you think people will vote if Clinton and Trump get the nomination for their parties?

Professor Jones: I think if the choice is between Clinton and Trump, Gary Johnson will get a lot of attention

Frank Wigglesby: I agree, but are normal people really liking either of them? That’s the scary part like only the 2 extreme sides have been voting in the primaries.

Professor Jones: That is true…but that’s what I’m saying….if those are the choices, if Gary Johnson can get the word out, which with Facebook, and other social media being so widespread now, I think he actually might have a chance

Frank Wigglesby: I’m impressed that you are familiar with social media at your age, and I agree, it’s funny, and such a joke that those 2 are actual candidates.

Professor Jones: I told you, I’m sharp as a tack, I used to play farmville, but after my horses died, I couldn’t keep up with picking the cabbage, and the villagers perished.  If Bernie Sanders isn’t the nominee, all those people, I would think, would vote for Johnson….and the few good things Trump says, Johnson has the same view…but not the same on Trumps crazy shit…so if votes are actually counted fairly..maybe he could win, and that could be real interesting

Frank Wigglesby: I agree with you totally,  except democrats and republicans don’t want the other side getting in so they won’t “waste their vote” on an independent of fear of the other side getting in. That’s the whole issue. Stupid voters voting for a party line and the “lesser of 2 evils” thing.

Professor Jones:  Yea, that’s basically the message he’ll need to get out there, that your vote is not wasted…maybe if they can be convinced, with one of those 2 evil choices, they are screwed either way, people might wake up

Frank Wigglesby: We can only hope, but at least we are voting the right person.

The conversation was slightly edited for readability.